Looking out from the top of the church tower at Haworth, one can see the whole village, dropping down from the hilltop where its centre lies and up the other side of the valley towards Keighley.

Approaching the Parsonage from Keighley as Mrs Gaskell did in 1853, the modern traveller is struck as she was by the steepness of the hill that leads into the village, where the flagstones are placed endways in order to give a better hold to the horses feet and even with this help they seem to be in constant danger of slipping backwards. The stone houses on each side of the road are terraced, their front doors reached by steps up from the road an indication for the numbers of cellars beneath them.

At the top of the hill lies the heart of the village to the left the black bull, a favourite haunt of Branwell Brontë. Then behind it the church. There a number of shops and a couple of more pubs and the apothecarys where Branwell frequented. The Parsonage is to be found up a short lane past the church.


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