James Richardson

James Richardson.

Richardson has worked for National Geographic. He travels the world creating beautiful imagery of nature, wildlife and people. The people aspect of his work are based around small town or small minority cultures which add great interest to the portraits he takes. The natural landscape and wildlife work he has achieved his both captivating and technically great. His work is complex and extremely well thought out. His attention to detail is amazing. The quality of his work displays his obvious talent for capturing moments of beauty.

A link to some of his landscape based work: 

I: Flint Hills- http://web.mac.com/jrichardson4754/Albums/Documentary/Pages/Flint_Hills.html

II: Issues-Light Pollution- http://web.mac.com/jrichardson4754/Albums/Environment/Pages/Light_Pollution.html

A link to some of his Culture based work:

 I: Celtic Realm- http://web.mac.com/jrichardson4754/Albums/Cultures/Pages/Celtic_Realm.html

II: Whisky Country- http://web.mac.com/jrichardson4754/Albums/Cultures/Pages/Whisky_Country.html


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